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Hank Progar, MBA

Contact us at:
135 SE 32nd Place
Ocala, FL 34471,
352-690-9574 (Office)
888-820-SAVE (Office)
352-812-1944 (Cell)
813-354-3520 (Fax)
An MBA helping businesses and individuals for over 30 years. I help people think about their money and make smart choices with their insurance and long term savings and retirement plans.

My focus is to help you increase your nest egg while protecting the money you have worked so hard to earn from market loss and catastrophic events beyond your control.

With the help of a strong financial team, we assist you in developing the financial program that best fits your need for safety, growth, income, liquidity and legacy.

We use highly rated Insurance companies, global banks and Trust companies as appropriate to help fund your financial plans.

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